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DUI and The Holidays


DUI or DWI, whichever you call it, enforcement will be up for the holiday season in St. Charles County. That also goes for places like Maryland Heights, O'Fallon and Wentzville.

All of these jurisdictions are going to be hard at work trying to keep drivers who have been drinking off the road. That isn't a bad thing. Nobody should drink and drive.

The holiday season is particularly dangerous. People go to holiday gatherings and have one too many drinks. The truth is that most of them get home okay. As a DWI attorney in St. Charles I have a number of people who end up in my office each year around the holidays because they did not realize how little it takes to put you over the legal limit for DUI.

Now is the time to plan ahead so you do not need a DUI attorney this holiday season.

Before you go out, set a limit on how much you will drink. Then stick to it.

Decide that you will have a designated driver.

Think. If you are asking yourself, or if someone else asks you, if you are okay to drive, you probably are not. Otherwise, why would you be asking the question?

Ask yourself if you can afford to get a DUI. The attorneys fees are just part of the cost. There is a fee for probation, classes, SATOP and insurance. You would be a lot better off spending that money on Christmas presents.

There are plenty of alternatives such as Uber or a taxi. I know that sounds expensive until you think about the consequences of a DUI.

If you get pulled over after drinking, you do not have to perform the roadside tests. The officer probably doesn't know how to administer them properly anyway. If you refuse, however, to take the breath test your license will be revoked for one year.

Be careful. How do you find a DUI attorney? Call me.