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“But wait,” you say. “How about all that stuff I see on television about DNA?” Well, it is a little misleading. For instance, DNA cannot distinguish between identical twins while even identical twins do not have the same fingerprints. I guess that begs the question, then, if they are truly “identical twins” doesn’t it? I mean to what level are they identical? They do have identical DNA, but they do not have identical fingerprints. And when you really start breaking it down you can find other small differences in twins that make them not truly identical.

Fingerprints Are Not Easy To Find

In the hundreds, if not thousands, of cases I have handled, fingerprints hardly ever play a part. You always seem to see the CSI people dusting for prints on T.V. In real life they almost never recover any meaningful fingerprint evidence. In fact it is so rare that there is a ruling in Missouri that a defense lawyer cannot argue the absence of fingerprint evidence to the jury. Listen, there are all sorts of crazy court rulings that prohibit defendants from getting a fair trial. That is just one of them.

In many cases the cops don’t even bother to look for fingerprints. For instance, fingerprints are hardly ever found on firearms. If I have a case where they claim to have fingerprints I immediately become suspicious and smell a rat. Expert witnesses have been known to lie about such evidence, under oath, while on the witness stand. That does not come as a surprise to those of us who defend people in Courts.

The sad truth is that there are police officers who will lie under oath to make their case. Not all of them do. Not all of them will. But those who do are allowed to get away with it by prosecutors who think it is more important that they win, than that justice be done.

So, if you are ever called to be a juror, be suspicious of everything the prosecutors do and say. That is, after all, what the system is supposed to do.