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The gun rights seminar was a big hit. More than 50 people registered for the sold out event. It was held at the Best Western Plus in St. Charles. It was not supposed to begin until 7:30 p.m. but people started showing up as early as 7:00. By the time we were ready go the room was packed. I saw some people who had been clients for years and made friends with some people I have never met. The lovely Rebecca (my wife and cheerleader) came and helped out with registration.

The seminar was free. It was put on because of the recent gun law changes in Missouri. People were calling and emailing with a lot of questions from constitutional carry to how the stand your ground law really works. I tried to cover all of that and more. Enough people asked me to do another one that I will consider doing one soon. If you are interested in attending you can leave a comment here, call me at 636-795-3373 or email me at You can also follow me on Facebook. I will put a notice there. too.

Importance of Gun Rights

It does not make a difference whether you own a firearm or not. Gun rights are in the Constitution. I am not going to get into a policy debate here about what the 2nd Amendment means. What is important that each of us recognizes the rights granted to us in the Bill of Rights. Having a debate over gun rights can be healthy. How gun rights should be interpreted is worth discussing. But knowing what gun rights are is critical, especially if you want to carry a gun in Missouri.

Other Missouri Laws

We spent some time discussing the Castle Doctrine and the Stand Your Ground law and just what those two laws really mean. These laws can be very tricky and there are people who are already making serious mistakes in their gun behavior because they do not really understand what these laws say or how they operate.