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Howling At The Moon


Do you ever wonder whether the full moon really does have an effect on people's behavior. Is howling at the moon just a saying? As a criminal defense lawyer I sometimes wonder.

The term "Lunatic" is derived from the full moon phenomenon. And criminal defense lawyer will tell you that an awful lot of people want to come in and blame the full moon for their behavior. Too bad, though, it isn't available as a defense.

Part of my job as a criminal defense lawyer is to help my clients investigate the story that the police are telling versus what the facts may actually be. Not every inaccuracy in a police report is a lie. It may be a lie or it may be a legitimate mistake. Sometimes it is necessary to go to the actual scene of where the alleged crime took place. I have used this tactic as a criminal defense lawyer very successfully.

It helps me see what the other people at the scene might have been looking at, or what might have blocked their vision. That it why it is important to see me as soon as possible after you are charged. Scenes can change. We may lose access to important information.

Being a criminal defense lawyer is a big responsibility. I am always aware that your freedom is at risk. My job is to help you prepare the best possible defense for your case. When you come to see me, you can be assured that I recognize that you are worried. It is perfectly understandable that you are.

Let's work together to get you out of this mess. Isn't that why you come to a criminal defense lawyer in the first place?