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Summertime always brings an increase in these types of cases. These are usually the result of the police being called to a party and finding underage people consuming alcohol. Kids are home from college, seniors have graduated, or people under age or just drinking to party. There are a few things to remember.

First of all if you are underage and at a party where alcohol is being served you are flirting with danger. Underage drinking frequently leads to problems. Fights break out, property gets damaged or the music get too loud.

What to do if the cops show up!

If the police do show up don’t take off running. That could lead to a charge of resisting arrest. Just stay where you were. Do not make any statements. Do not say you were drinking or not drinking. Do not say anything.

Be polite to the police officers. Just don’t talk. Follow their instructions. Keep in mind they are trying to do a job. It might not be a job you like, but they are going to do it whether you like it or not. There is no sense making them mad.

You do not want to go from a minor in possession charge to even more charges. If you are given a ticket, or arrested, remember that there are things we can do to keep this off your record.

Most of the time these cases are filed in municipal courts. Municipal courts handle ordinance violations. Minor in possession is that type of offense. But beware, there is a law that allows you to be charged with minor in possession if you have an elevated blood alcohol content. If you are not driving, you do not have to take any breath tests. Do not blow into any devices if you are not driving and are just at a party.

It is important to contact me as soon as possible after you get the ticket. I can definitely help you.