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The other day I was in the courthouse and one of the attorneys, who shall remain anonymous (at least for now) commented about the fact that I have not been blogging lately about the goings on in the courthouse in St. Charles County.

In order to keep the readers happy I will have to get to that task. There is always a lot going on in the courthouse although it is not always evident. I saw Division 5 was involved in a jury trial. That is always a fun event. But there were any number of Circuit Court Divisions that were dark. No one was in them at all. I am going to just assume that those judges are on vacation. I mean Judges do get vacations each year just like most people.

If you are a young lawyer reading this, think about becoming a Judge. It is one of the best jobs in the legal profession in the State of Missouri. I frequently hear attorneys brag that they couldn’t stand the cut in pay to become a judge. And in most cases I have to call “Bullshit.” Most lawyers today are not making that kind of money and do not have the benefits that go with it. If you are going to run for Judge, or try and get an appointment, try to d it when you are in your mid-forties. If you serve 12 years you retire with a pension plan that not many lawyers in private practice could ever hope to acquire.

I have a number of friends that are retired Circuit Judges. They will readily admit that it is one cush job. Oh sure, there are a few days a month that they put in a full day on the bench. But those are not that frequent. And most of that time they are just sitting there while people enter guilty pleas or argue Motions. Most of these Motions are dull boring events. One of my Circuit Judge friends said that on most days he just felt like an “order taker” in a justice mill.

Then there is always at least one Judge who is never on time for Court. Well, that is a misstatement because Court can’t start until the Judge shows up. One is only late for Court if the Judge is in place. And nobody really rides herd on the Judges. They can show up when they want and leave when they want. Again, not bad working conditions.

All of this just shows one thing: Judges are just like any other cross section of society. Some are hard-working and others just ride the wave. Some are very talented and there are those that make you wonder if they really went to law school.

So, to the young attorneys out there who may be disillusioned with the practice of law, take a look at becoming a Judge. I know you might look at a Circuit Judge in awe and think “Wow!” they are learned lawyers who are possessed of a great deal of knowledge and skill. And to that I call “Bullshit.”

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