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This July I attended a conference of the National Speakers Association. As many of you know I give presentations to businesses and civic clubs. I am a member of the National Speakers Association and belong to the St. Louis Chapter. In fact this year I am the person responsible for bringing in all of the speakers for our local meetings. It is a lot of work but I get to interface with a lot of interesting people. It seems strange to me to schedule a meeting of anything in Phoenix in the summertime. The temperature was about 114 degrees during the day and did not get much below the mid 90’s at night.

Of course the meeting was spectacular. You can imagine that a meeting of professional speakers is quite a showplace. There are a lot of good sessions that have fabulous speakers. I will be involved in this year’s Winter Conference in San Francisco. That takes place in February. I would much rather be in Phoenix in February.

The reason I am telling you about the Phoenix meeting is the great coincidence that took place while I was there. Two of my law school classmates happened to be in Phoenix at the same time. One lives in Missouri but the other one lives in the Marshall Islands. What? The Marshall Islands are so remote and tucked away somewhere in the Pacific Ocean that I am not sure how one even gets there.

The man on the left of the photo is the one who lives on the Marshall Islands. He moved there right after law school to take a job with the United States Federal government and stayed. That’s something. Do you notice that he looks like the actor Robert De Niro? It is even more noticeable in person.

My life takes some interesting twists and turns. It was great to see these guys again. They were in Phoenix to play gold because it is so cheap in the summertime. I certainly know why! Tkae a look at that picture. That sure is a lot of white hair.