Are You Okay?

Have you ever been out with somebody for a few drinks and asked them if they are okay to drive? That is because you have noticed something about then that makes you think they might not be okay. Something that makes you think if they got pulled over they would get a DUI or DWI ticket.

That question should put the person on alert that they should not operate a motor vehicle. If a friend can see that you are impaired, it is pretty certain that a police officer will notice it. And if that happens there is going to be a DUI in the mix.

Now part of the problem here is that when somebody asks a person that question, it puts them on the defensive. “of course, I’m okay,” is generally the answer. But the mere fact that somebody is asking the question means you probably aren’t. But if you have had too much to drink, you are probably not thinking clearly anyway which is why you will probably make some mistake while driving home and then get pulled over. That is how the cop is going to see that you are not “okay” to be driving. Boom DUI.

I tell you all this because just this morning (4:30 a.m.) a friend of mine called with this exact story. He had been at a bar with friends. Just before they left someone asked him if he was okay. He said he was.

But when he got to the corner and saw the “No Left Turn” sign he figured he could make a left turn anyway and nobody would notice because it did not appear to him that there was anybody around.

Of course, as you might imagine, the police hang out right near this bar, right near this sign, because people seem to turn left there a lot, And then they stop them. And because they are coming from a bar, well you see where this is going. He got a ticket for illegal left turn and a DUI.

This was fresh in my mind and I hope it serves as a reminder to you. When you see a friend at that stage where you ask if he or she is okay to drive, you know they aren’t. Do what you can to keep them from getting behind the wheel of their car. You could be saving them a lot of hardship and maybe even be saving their life.

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