Let’s Do It the Right Way

I feel I need to spout off about something here. Let me make it clear. I value my Facebook friends and I am happy that they rely on me for their legal needs.

I get IM’s all the time from people on FB about legal questions. I know they just want a quick answer to a quick question. That is perfectly understandable.

I don’t mind telling people general facts about the law, but I do not do business on FB. I certainly do not render legal opinions by IM. That is not the way to treat a serious legal problem. If it is not a serious enough problem to make an appointment, or at least talk on the phone about it, what’s the point?

If you have a situation that you think is a real legal matter, then you are going to need an attorney. It doesn’t have to be me. I may not even handle your type of matter. I can probably direct you to someone who can, though. I know most of the best lawyers in Missouri.

Seeing an attorney about a legal matter is not expensive. Most attorneys will see you the first time for free. We do that because we need to know more about your case than you can tell us on the phone and it might end up to be a case we do not handle. No good attorney is going to charge you money at the first visit to tell you he is not going to handle your case.

So, if you think you have a legal matter and it is serious enough for you to go on FB and send me a message about it, pick up the phone and call me or some other attorney and make an appointment to discuss it. Again, it doesn’t have to be me. But the point is, if you think it is worthwhile, do something about it.

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