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As a criminal defense lawyer or even as a traffic lawyer I have come to learn that people who get charged with crime or who get a traffic ticket want somebody to listen to their side of it.

I have a friend who gets a lot of traffic tickets. She just does not seem to get the relationship between her driving and her speeding tickets. Back when there were all of the red-light cameras she would get tickets for making a right turn on red without stopping first. I kept explaining to her that it is “Right turn on red-after stop.”

She would always argue with me saying that she was slowing down and that should be enough. Now those cameras have all but disappeared.  I don’t have to deal with them as a traffic lawyer any more.

People have great stories for a traffic lawyer as to why they got a speeding ticket or a DUI. I know I tell you this a lot but a DUI and a DWI are the same thing. It all falls under one law. It is just the fact that some people call it DUI and others call it DWI. It means that you operated a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

By the way, have you seen my videos on YouTube? You can find them by going to YouTube and searching for “DUI Attorney St. Charles”

Here is how I can help you as a traffic lawyer. When you get a ticket, call me. Most of the time you do not even need to come to the office. I take some information over the telephone and then you mail or email your traffic ticket to me. I then go to court for you, so you don’t have to. That alone is worth getting a traffic lawyer to represent you. Do you have time to go stand around the court for hours? Of course not.

Most of the time I take care of your traffic ticket so you don’t even have to go to court ever.

So, what’s the smart move when you get a traffic ticket? Call me right away and take the worry out of your life.

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