Rebecca Schoeneberg - Attorney at Law

It seems appropriate to recognize Rebecca Schoeneberg Attorney at Law for the work she has devoted to this firm for many years. Sadly, Rebecca Schoeneberg Attorney has decided to quit practicing for a while.

As you might have guessed Rebecca Schoeneberg Attorney at Law is my lovely wife. She has been a great resource in the years she was with the firm. Her knowledge of real estate law was unequalled. She was always available to cover court dockets for me and helped with general law office organization. That is not my strength.

Luckily, though we no longer refer to her as Rebecca Schoeneberg Attorney at Law, she is still here to help with matters that do not require her to actually do the work of an attorney.

Rebecca Schoeneberg still serves as a great resource as we sit and discuss strategies for cases. It is important to have a different point of view when preparing a case.

Most of my career has been focused on criminal law. I have also handled hundred of accident and injury cases. And there was a time where I handled family law cases, too. I do not handle anything other than criminal and traffic cases now. That includes, as you might imagine a lot of alcohol related cases. Some people call those DWI cases and others call them DUI cases. They are the same thing.

While she was filling the role of Rebecca Schoeneberg Attorney at Law she was able to draft documents, talk with the clients, and coordinate with prosecutors and the courts.

After many years she decided that it was time to hang up the title and spend a major part of her time being a Nana. She finds that to be a very fulfilling career choice. All I know is that it takes almost as much time as she spent being a lawyer.

So I thought I would write this tribute to Rebecca Schoeneberg Attorney at Law and let her know that her services will be missed.

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