Can I Change My Probation Officer?

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Change My Probation Officer

Can I change probation officers is one of the most often asked questions I get it. If you are having problems with your probation officer you might want to consider this.

The more difficult your probation officer finds you to be when they are meeting or supervising you, the harder they are going to be on you.

For What Reason?

When people ask can I change probation officers I recognize that the probation officer is making their life pretty miserable. So what is the reason?

Try to find out what it is that is making the probation officer so hard to get along with. Sometimes the probation officer is just an jerk. I appreciate that. Some people are just jerks.

The other day a client came in and asked, “Can I change probation officer?” My answer was that most of the time the answer is “No.

It’s Just a Job

The probation officer is assigned by the board of Probation and parole. They are simple employees of a huge bureaucratic organization that assigns them a certain number of cases. Some probation officers are good and some are bad, Most of them are just average people holding down a government job.

They Control Your Future

I tell my clients that the probation officer really owns your future. You have to decide at the very beginning if you are going to follow their instructions or not. If you choose not to then you are asking for pain. Because a probation officer can make your life very painful.

One day a client called me and said he was having problems with his probation officer. He was on probation for domestic assault. The probation officer kept giving him assignments. Those assignments made the client mad.

I explained that she was trying to get him to lose his temper with her so that she could revoke him.

Try to Comply

I suggested that he spend some time doing everything the probation officer asked for a while and see what happened. He called me back and said he tried my advice and it worked within about six weeks the probation officer changed her entire attitude toward him.

So when people ask me, “Can I change my probation officer?” I have to let them understand that it probably is not going to happen.

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