Finding a Criminal Defense Attorney

Getting handcuffed

Find a Criminal Defense Attorney

Look for a “criminal defense attorney near me” on Google and you will get so many hits it makes it hard to know who to choose. People ask that question of Google thousands of times and still do not come up with the right answer.

Many people who get charged with  crime have never even met any attorney, much less a criminal defense attorney. Most of the time their friends don’t know one either. That is why people ask the simple question “criminal defense attorney near me?” They just do not know what else to do or who to find a criminal defense attorney.

Ask Around

A few years ago I wrote a book for people who were is search of a family law attorney. I do not handle family law cases. But I saw how confused, scared and ripped-off people felt that I thought I would help them out. That book has helped thousands of people who are struggling with the uncertainty of divorce.

Why Not Let Me Help You?

Take a moment and watch my video. It will give you some insight into who I am and what I think about handling your case.

Find the Right Attorney

It is important to find an attorney who is not only right for your case but who is right for you. Not every attorney is right for every person. Make sure that attorney is willing to listen to what you have to say. That means a lot.

No Fee

I do not charge a fee when you come in to see me the first time. That is when we see if we are right for one another. That is when you tell me about your case, your side of the story and what outcome you expect.

Keep in mind that the choice of an lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements. That is why I invite you to come in for a visit.

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