How Can I Get My Bond Reduced?

I Want to Get My Bond Reduced

People were always asking, “How can I get my bond reduced?” Recently the Missouri Supreme Court established rules that maker it easier for people being held in pre-trial confinement to get their bond reduced while they are awaiting trial. The bond requirements being set by some judges were nothing short of obscene.


Now with the coronavirus some of the courts in the area are using their good judgment and releasing people because it is dangerous and foolish to keep that many people confined in that small area unless they are truly a flight risk or danger to society.

St. Louis City and St. Louis County are both releasing people who have not been able to get their bond reduced previously.

Come on St. Charles

St. Charles County has not yet been so forward thinking. There is a man in jail who has emphysema and diabetes and should be let out. But he did not get his bond reduced to something reasonable. Instead it is $50,000.00 cash only. The Judge won’t even let him use a bondsman!

The amounts set by Judges for bonds are totally discretionary. There is no guideline for getting a bond reduced. The Missouri Supreme Court Rule does say that the court shall release a person on their own recognizance and can set other conditions. But again, some Judges either do not understand the intent of the Rule or just do not give a damn. I suspect the latter in some judges.

You Could Be Screwed

So if your question is, “How can I get my bond reduced?” keep in mind it is going to depend on a lot of things that are not equal across the State. That is unfortunate.

If you are in a jurisdiction that has reasonable Judges you have a good chance. I mean even the Federal Courts are releasing people on their own recognizance. That almost never used to happen.

Law and Disorder

So, St. Charles County Judges, please get in conformity with the orders of the Supreme Court. Rather than try and out do one another as “law and order” judges, why not try to show some compassion? Some of these people you are arbitrarily keeping in jail are going to be found not guilty. And you will have made them languish in jail for a year or so for nothing.

With all due respect, how about watching out for the rights of the accused?

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