Police Brutality

What’s with This Police Brutality?

Police brutality is not something that is new. We have had police brutality in this country since police were first employed. People seemed surprised that it happens. At least some people are.

There Is No Excuse

There are others who make excuses for it. There is no excuse for abject police brutality. And good police officers will agree with that.

Brutality is a form of savage physical violence. But it is not every use of force by a police officer.

Necessary Force

Sometimes force is necessary. It should be appropriate force. It should be that force that is necessary to bring the situation under control and nothing more.

The problem is that when some police officers get into the position of having to apply force they lose their tempers and get angry. It is not different from when a parent loses control with a child. They sometimes strike the child out of anger. The child gets injured and the situation worsens.


Police brutality is indefensible. I do not claim, though, that every police shooting rises to the level of police brutality. It does not.

The sad truth is that some people put themselves in a position where shooting at them is the only option.

I have been involved in many cases as a criminal defense attorney where police have been accused of being too forceful. I worked with a man who was shot 9 times by the police. Was it justified? Some thought so. Others did not.


Keep in mind that when you are confronted by a police officer he or she carries a gun. They are already suspect of you. They may be wrong but that is not what is in their mind.

They fear that something bad may happen to them They judge your every move and action. If you give them reason to take out their gun you are only putting yourself in danger.

Put Pride Aside

Think of it like it is. You are being confronted by an armed individual. Pride and respect are the least of the things you should be worried about.

Listen carefully to what they are saying. Your life depends on it.

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