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Sex crimes are some of the most serious criminal offenses in Missouri and in other states throughout the country. Merely being accused of such acts can cause irreparable damage to your personal life and professional reputation. If you are convicted, you face lengthy prison sentences, fines worth tens of thousands of dollars, and even registration as a sex offender for possibly the rest of your life. 

If you are facing sex crime allegations, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to defend you inside and outside the courtroom. At Wayne T. Schoeneberg P.C., we have more than 40 years of experience handling thousands of cases—including many high-profile cases—in St. Charles and beyond. Do not wait until you are arrested or formally charged to let us protect your rights and freedom. 

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Sex Crimes in Missouri 

Sex crimes are considered offenses involving non-consensual, forceful, and/or violent sexual acts, from intercourse to offensive touching. Additionally, sexual contact involving a minor under 17 years old is also against law, whether consent was obtained or not. 

Our firm represents clients throughout Missouri facing the following types of sex crimes: 

  • Rape or sexual assault – Non-consensual sexual intercourse or sexual intercourse with someone who is incapacitated, unable to provide consent, lacks the capacity to consent, or provides consent after being compelled by force. 
  • Statutory rape – Sexual intercourse with a minor who is less than 17 years old. 
  • Sexual abuse – Purposely subjecting someone else to non-consensual sexual contact or sexual contact with a person who is incapacitated, unable to provide consent, lacks the capacity to consent, or provides consent after being compelled by force. 
  • Sodomy – Non-consensual deviate sexual intercourse (e.g. oral sex, anal sex, etc.) or deviate sexual intercourse with someone who is incapacitated, unable to provide consent, lacks the capacity to consent, or provides consent after being compelled by force. 
  • Child molestation – Subjecting a minor to sexual contact, such as any touching of the private parts for the purpose of sexual arousal and gratification. 
  • Sexual misconduct involving a child – Knowingly exposing your private parts to a child or coercing a child to expose his/her privates for the purpose of sexual arousal and gratification. 
  • Child pornography – Possessing, selling, distributing, or creating photos, videos, or other materials depicting minors in sexual situations. 
  • Prostitution or solicitation – Proving sexual favors in exchange for something of value. 

In addition to any prison term or fines you may incur, you may also be placed on the Missouri sex offender registry, which can have a significantly negative impact on where you can work, where you can live, and how you live your life. Due to the severity of sex crimes, having a skilled lawyer on your side is your best chance to either get your entire case dismissed or your charges/penalties reduced. 

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Attorney Wayne T. Schoeneberg can investigate your case, collect and examine evidence, negotiate with the prosecutors, and fight for you in court. He has obtained many not-guilty verdicts in serious cases throughout his legal career. Our firm is ready to help you immediately! 

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