Myself and my family love Wayne Schoenberg!!! He is the best attorney I have known that practices law. I would recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney that looks out for the clients interest. Wayne doesn't play the typical games most attorneys play in the court system. He was honest and upfront with all aspects of the case he handled for us. After many years of ho-hum attorneys, it was so refreshing finding Wayne.

Wayne is an outstanding lawyer of upright moral and personal character. He is an extremely personable, yet straightforward man. Although I have only sought his council once, I have known him personally for a number of years now and he has proven himself to be a man of sound advice, a listening ear, and a discerning heart over and over again.

I got my first speeding ticket and initially met with the Traffic Law Center. They said the district I got the ticket in is hard on my type of speeding ticket and will not amend it. At the recommendation of my car group I got a second opinion from Wayne. He was very knowledgable and straightforward about the process and his fee and what to expect. I decided to hire Wayne. He took care of everything and I didn't have to take off work to appear in court at all. Fast forward and I received a letter stating the ticket was amended to a non moving violation. I couldn't be happier with the result. The price of hiring Wayne combined with the ticket is much lower than the cost of the original ticket and the resulting hike in insurance. Would hire again and will definite recommend to anyone.

The BEST criminal defense attorney in the Saint Louis area! He treats you like a person, gives you hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and encourages getting things back on track!

Excellent service. Not only by his knowledge, but also by his customer service. Very cleared explanations of how everything works and what the client has to do. I reccomend Wayne 100%!

Wayne has helped me out a few times now and he's always been incredibly professional and things have always turned out just fine with him on my side. I highly recommend him as an attorney.

A great lawyer who can explain how your whole situation will work out at the right price. When Wayne says it, he means it and is to be fully trusted. He will handle the workload with you doing minimum. Once your problems are in his hands, you have nothing to worry about. Great guy

One of the best criminal defense attorneys in St. Charles. Very experienced. Excellent results.

You could not find a better lawyer anywhere. He was there for me when I needed him. His fees are very reasonable.